Maritime Professional Contributors

Dennis Bryant Joe Keefe - Editor and Lead Commentator
Mr. Keefe is the Managing Editor of MaritimeProfessional Magazine, with more than thirty years of experience in a myriad of roles within the maritime industry. He has made contributions on a wide variety of energy and marine transportation subjects, at sea and ashore.
Our expert contributors cover essential issues for a global audience
Dennis Bryant Dennis Bryant - Maritime Musings
Maritime Musings is written by Dennis Bryant, who brings 27 years of experience as a Captain in the United States Coast Guard to his posts on maritime regulations, admiralty law, and maritime history.
Raina Clark Raina Clark - MarineNews Notes
Raina Clark, the editor of MarineNews, posts about the domestic shallow-draft industry- including book reviews, company updates, shipyard tours and other behind-the-magazine features.
Joseph Fonseca Joseph Fonseca - Mumbai
Mr. Fonseca is an expert in international trade, particularly freight forwarding and import/export management. Posts are focused on the Indian shipping industry, regulations, companies, and current events
Greg Knowler Greg Knowler - Far East Maritime
Far East Maritime is written by Greg Knowler, a maritime journalist based in Hong Kong. Posts are focused on breaking news and industry developments in global shipping, trade and ports.