Connecticut Port Authority Plans Infrastructure Upgrades

Wednesday, June 13, 2018
cpa 6 13 1.jpg

Joined by Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy at New London’s City Pier, the Connecticut Port Authority (CPA) announced a $15 million investment for infrastructure improvements at State Pier.

These funds will revitalize the pier, maximizing its potential as a driver of regional economic growth, the port authority said.

New London’s unobstructed access to its deepwater port, together with Connecticut’s vibrant manufacturing community, give the region a major advantage in maritime development initiatives.

“I have no doubt that the funding we invest today will have lasting economic benefits to the entire region in the years and decades to come,” said Governor Malloy.

“This investment in State Pier will pay dividends for years,” said Chairman Scott Bates of the Connecticut Port Authority. “Governor Malloy has worked hard to rebuild Connecticut’s infrastructure as a way to create jobs and long-term economic growth. Make no mistake about it, this is the most consequential strategic investment in State Pier in generations.”

The CPA will oversee the improvements and has already begun working on preliminary planning. CPA has released an RFP for State Pier development and operation.

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