Don Horton
OS, AB & Mate
Principle Nature of Business
Vessel Ownership / Operations / Management - Academic / Research
Professional Interests
Admiralty Law
Crew/Personnel Management
Vessels - Barges
Vessels - Pilot boats
Vessels - Pushboats
Vessels - Tugboats
Research on MM Seamen of WW II serving Coastwise
Trade Events
WW II Maritime Coastwise research
Designations, Licenses and Certifications
Employment status
OS, AB & Mate at Southern Transportation, Sheridan Transportation, Eastern Transp. P.. Dougherty Co. Wathan & Co. Curtis Bay Towing
June 1942 - July 1959 (17 years 1 month )
Worked intermittingly during summers, 1942-50 on Coastwise Brages. Full time 1955-59 on Coastwise tugs.
Upper Iowa University, Indiana University
Business Administration, Safety Engineering Technology
March 1972 - September 1976

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Coastwise Merchant Seamen of WW II

Seeking seamen who served on coastwise tugs and barges during WW II. Purpose is to assist them in gaining veterans status a...

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