Loading Supervision Cargo Tally Services
Marine survey and Consultancy
Principle Nature of Business
Loading Supervision Cargo Tally Services / Loading Master Port Captain
Professional Interests
Admiralty Law
Anchors / Mooring Systems
Aquaculture Systems
Atmospheric Diving Systems
Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV)
Buoyancy units/Materials Buoys
Cables / Cable Connectors
Calibration Services
Cargo Handling
Chemicals & Coatings
Classification Society
Coatings/Corrosion Control /Surface Prep
Control Systems
Corporate Communications
Crew/Personnel Management
Current Meters
Data Acquisition Systems
Deck Equipment
Deck Machinery/Electrical Equipment
Deck Equipment
Diving (Commercial)
Diving Equipment
Environmental / Emissions
Environmental / Emissions - Ballast water treatment
Environmental / Emissions - Waste / Incineration
Equipment (Below Deck)
Fiber Optic Systems
Fishing Systems (Commercial)
Forensic Analysis
Fuel Cells
Geodesy (Marine)
Geophysical Instruments
Harbor Patrol
Hardware (Marine)
Human Resources
Hydrographic equipment
Imaging Systems
Information Technology
Insurance (Marine)
Laboratory Equipment
Lighting (Marine/Underwater)
Lube and oil fuel products
Maritime Regulations and standards
Maritime Regulations and standards - Licensing
Maritime Regulations and standards - Quality management
Marketing (Marine)
Materials (Vessel Construction & Repair)
Meteorological Instruments
Naval Architecture/Marine Engineering
Naval Architecture/Marine Engineering - Advanced surface crafts
Naval Architecture/Marine Engineering - Analytical ship wave relations
Naval Architecture/Marine Engineering - Automation(s)
Naval Architecture/Marine Engineering - Commercial vessel design
Naval Architecture/Marine Engineering - CAD/CAM
Naval Architecture/Marine Engineering - Hull Structure
Naval Architecture/Marine Engineering - Hydrodynamics
Naval Architecture/Marine Engineering - Ship controllability
Naval Architecture/Marine Engineering - Stability
Naval Architecture/Marine Engineering - Weight engineering
Navigation / Communication Equipment
Navigation / Communication Equipment - Chronometers
Navigation / Communication Equipment - Radar
Navigation / Communication Equipment - Radios
Navigation / Communication Equipment - Sextants
Navigation / Communication Equipment - Satellite equipment
Offshore Drilling
Offshore Oil / Gas Exploration
Offshore Structures
Oceanographic Instrumentation
Port Authority
Positioning Devices
Propulsion - Diesel
Propulsion - Gas turbines
Propulsion - Electric
Propulsion - Nuclear
Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs)
Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy - Solar
Renewable Energy - Wave/ Tide
Renewable Energy - Wind
Safety & Fire Protection
Safety & Fire Protection - Equipment
Safety & Fire Protection - Systems
Security Services & Systems
Sensors & Transducers
Ship/Boat building and Repair
Ship/Boat building and Repair - Dry docking
Ship/Boat building and Repair - Production process
Shipboard Electronics & Automation
Simulators & Trainers
Software Sonar & Radar
Subsea Engineering
Subsea Structures
Subsea Robotics
Survey & Exploration Services
Telemetry Systems
Underwater Materials
Underwater Photographic Equipment
Underwater Survey Systems
Underwater Vehicles (manned)
Vessels - Barges
Vessels - Cargo ships
Vessels - Cargo ships - Bulk carriers
Vessels - Cargo ships - Container Ships
Vessels - Cargo ships - Tankers
Vessels - Cable ships
Vessels - Dredgers
Vessels - Fishing vessels (commercial)
Vessels - Ice breakers
Vessels - Lake freighters
Vessels - Military vessels
Vessels - Offshore drill rigs
Vessels - Offshore supply/crew ships
Vessels - Passenger ships
Vessels - Passenger ships - Cruise ships
Vessels - Passenger ships - Ferries
Vessels - Passenger ships - Ocean Liners
Vessels - Pilot boats
Vessels - Police/fire boats
Vessels - Pollution control vessels
Vessels - Pushboats
Vessels - Rescue boats
Vessels - Research vessels
Vessels - Salvage vessels
Vessels - Survey vessels
Vessels - Tugboats
Vessels - Utility vessels
Vibration Analysis
Waste Treatment Systems
Wave Meters
Weather Routing
Winch Systems
Cargo Tally Services
cell: +84903615612
commodity inspection services
diving works and underwater hull cleaning
independent surveyors and inspectors based in Vietnam
insured cargo and marine claim investigation & adjusting
Loading Supervision
marine survey and consultant
P&I Correspondents
quality Control
the Middle East Anywhere of Countries. Our Local Email: inspection@aimcontrolgroup.com
vendor expediting and mechanical inspection services
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International Workboat Show
Marintech China
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Ship Repair and Conversion
Underwater Intervention
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American Society of Naval Engineers
Association of Marine Industries
Inland Marine Underwriters Association
International Longshore and Warehouse Union
International Maritime Organization
Marine Chemist Association, Inc.
Marine Engineers Beneficial Association
Marine Machinery Association
Marine Society & Sea Cadets
Marine Technology Society
Maritime Law Association of the US
Massachusetts Marine Trades
Merchant Marine Captains Association
National Marine Distributors Association
National Marine Educators Association
National Marine Electronics Association
National Marine Manufacturers Association
National Marine Representatives Association
Northwest Marine Trade Association
Offshore Marine Service Association
Pacific Maritime Association
Society of Maritime Arbitrators
Soceity of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers
Designations, Licenses and Certifications
Chartered Engineer
Dipl Inq
Eur Eng
Marine Engineering Officer
Employment status
Agriculture - Industry - Marine Control Survey & Inspection Group (AIM Control) Worldwide
Loading Supervision / Cargo Tally Surveyors Service / Loading Master / Port Captain at Agriculture - Industry - Marine Control Survey & Inspection Group (AIM Control) Worldwide
January 1993 - Present (27 years 1 month )
Loading Supervision / Cargo Tally Surveyors Service / Loading Master / Port Captain: Agriculture Industry Marine Control Survey & Inspection Group. AIM Control Inspections and Surveys Services Companies in Vietnam & Global AIM Control is Third Party Inspection in providing commodity inspection services, marine survey and consultant, tally, P&I Correspondents, insured cargo and marine claim investigation & adjusting, diving works and underwater hull cleaning, vendor expediting and mechanical inspection services, testing, quality Control, certification, independent surveyors and inspectors based in Vietnam, China, India, Korea, Asia, Europe, the Middle East Anywhere of Countries. Our Local Email: inspection@aimcontrolgroup.com, aimcontrol@hotmail.com, cell: +84903615612. Inspection – Survey - Expediting Services Agriculture - Industry - Marine Control Survey & Inspection Group (AIM Control) Worldwide is an independent inspection & survey group acting globally and providing a complete range of inspection, survey, quality goods control, expediting, mechanical engineers, inspectors, expediters, inspectors, marine surveyors, and consulting, tally services to trade and Agriculture, Industry & Marine as well as governmental buying organizations, contractors, ship-owners, . . . AIM is Agriculture – Industry – Marine Survey & Inspection Group, which one of the world’s leading trade inspection, survey, trade security and certification companies, operating based on Vietnam, China, Korea, India & in close to 100 countries. Our experts, surveyors, inspectors have always improved their knowledge and experience more than 20 years for meeting to of the clients with the best quality services. OUR MAIN SERVICES: 1. Marine survey / Ship Inspection and P&I Correspondents, Experts/ Expertise. 2. Cargo Inspection – Quality Control – Testing – Tallying & Supervision – certification (for Goods – Products, Foods, Cargo, Commodity) 3. Expediting – Vendor Inspection – Mechanical Inspectors - NDT 4. Diving works and Underwater Ship Hull and Parts Cleaning & Polishing ACTIVITIES:  Inspection, Survey, Inspectors, Surveyors, Consultant Services  Marine Survey, Supervision, Superintendent  Underwater Hull Cleaning & Diving / Divers Works  Salvage & Approval  Loss Adjuster & Investigator Services  Correspondent & Loss Prevention  Quality Goods Control Services  Laboratory Sampling & Testing Services  Engineering Control & Inspection Services  Third Party Inspection Services  Industry Expediting, Expediters  Project Management  Engineering Consultant  Appraisal & Valuation Services  Audit, Witness & Certification Services  Quality Assurance  Vendor inspection - Witness Services  IM-Export Commodity Inspection & Certificate Services  Tallying, Verification & Supervision Services Scope of Inspection – Survey – expediting description in details is consisting of (but not limited): SEE MORE AT LINK: http://www.marinesurveyconsultancy.com EMAIL: aimcontrol@hotmail.com
Marine survey and Consultancy at Agriculture - Industry - Marine Control Survey & Inspection Group (AIM Control) Worldwide
January 1993 - Present (27 years 1 month )
Agriculture - Industry - Marine Control Survey & Inspection Group (AIM Control) Worldwide: 1. MARINE SURVEY / SHIP INSPECTION / CONSULTANCY: In shipping, Marine surveyors of AIM Control (including "Independent Marine Surveyors", “Marine Consultancy Experts", “Marine Professional Investigators”, “Loss Prevention and Adjusters” “Hull & Machinery Surveyors", “Ship inspectors”, “Bunker Surveyors” and/or "Cargo Surveyors", Inspection Divers) are the personal who conducts inspections under surveyor’s maritime professional qualifications and certificates. A team professional marine surveyors of AIM Control, multi-disciplinary engineers in shipping area. The AIM Marine Surveyors® (AIM Control)® was established during the 1993's by a small group of marine surveying professionals. AIM Marine surveyors perform inspections of vessels of all types including pleasure marine tanker, marine bulk carrier, marine heavy lift ship, craft, passenger vessels, tugboats, barges, dredges, oil rigs, ferries, cargo ship. . . The Marine Surveying of AIM Control is an independent organisation promoting the professionalism and training of marine surveyors in Vietnam, Asia and Global. AIM Control Marine – providing expert advice and support to the marine shipping industry since 1993. 24hrs EMERGENCY RESPONSE +84903615612 or skype: aimcontrol, email: aimcontrol@hotmail.com. AIM Control Marine is also third party verification in leader providing Cargo Ship Surveyors Experts Superintendent and Consultant for Ship-owner and P&I Insurance. SEE MORE AT LINK: http://marinesurveyconsultancy.com/eg/76/0/marine-survey-/-offshore-inspection-services.htm Email: marinesurvey@aimcontrolgroup.com
Cargo Survey at Agriculture - Industry - Marine Control Survey & Inspection Group (AIM Control) Worldwide
January 1991 - Present (29 years 1 month )
Cargo Survey: Quality Control / Cargo inspection / Quality Certificate: Cargo inspection (on all types of merchandise cargo shipping) Head Office Contact Details Office Name: Cargo Survey / Cargo Inspection Tel: +84-8-3832-7204 Address: Cargo Survey AIM Control 45, Street 3, ward 4, District 3 Cu Xa Do Thanh Ho Chi Minh City (Sai Gon) Vietnam Fax: +84-8-3832-8393 Cell: +84903615612 E-mail: inspection@aimcontrolgroup.com Skype: Aimcontrol Web: www.cargo-inspection.com Blog Cargo inspection blog Video Cargo inspection video AIM Cargo surveys play a central role in the carriage of goods and cargo surveyors are in high demand throughout not only the shipping and transport industries and but also in fabrication, merchandise and purchase for cargo seller and cargo buyer. You need reliable cargo surveyor? AIM Control provides wide range of cargo survey services in field of measuring and inspection of petroleum and crude oil products, in break bulk or bags as well all types of cargo and prompt attendance of an experienced surveyor is essential to establish with the essential principles, skills and knowledge needed to conduct marine cargo surveys (or joint survey) as third independent party. What is cargo survey consisted? cargo surveys are consisted of Quality & Quantity (Q&Q) surveys, cargo sampling, cargo testing, cargo packing & marking measurement, cargo analysis, cargo tally, cargo loading and unloading supervision, cleanliness survey, watertight survey, seaworthiness survey, draft survey, pre-shipment inspection, lashing and securing survey services. . . You can requirement AIM Cargo surveys anywhere in Vietnam and the world. Also insurance cargo surveys are consisted of cargo dispute surveys & cargo damage survey, insurance claims investigation, P&I surveys . . .can occur anywhere in Vietnam and the global ports. 1. FOR QUALITY AND QUANTITY OF GOODS PURCHASE / MERCHANDISE IN SALE &BUY: Also see our same cargo inspection services General Factory Assessment Cargo Sample Collection Pre-shipment cargo inspection Final cargo inspection Cargo container survey services Loading supervision Cargo tally & surveyors 2. FOR QUALITY AND QUANTITY OF GOODS CLAIMS & DISPUTES IN SELL-BUY & INSURANCE: Others cargo damage and/or loss surveys: Marine & cargo Damage survey Marine & Cargo Loss prevention Cargo claim survey / cargo dispute survey Marine and cargo Insurance surveys P&I Surveys Loss and / or Damage Survey, Adjustment, Consultation, Recovery, Sue & Labour 1. Verify the damaged quantity and claim amount 2. Take photos on all cargo suffered damage 3. Verify the cause of loss 4. Complete the attached onsite checklist with detailed information and request the consignee to sign it once the survey is completed 5. Complete the preliminary report(in our format) with all your finds SEE MORE AT LINK: http://cargo-inspection.com/eg/284/0/cargo-survey.htm Email: survey@aimcontrolgroup.com
LOADING SURVEYS / SUPERVISION SERVICES at Agriculture - Industry - Marine Control Survey & Inspection Group (AIM Control) Worldwide
January 1991 - Present (29 years 1 month )
LOADING SURVEYS / SUPERVISION SERVICES Our loading surveys consisted of Container loading survey and Vessel loading survey in one of all our marine surveys. 1. Vessel Loading Survey: Vessel loading survey is called Vessel loading inspecting and supervising to prevent loss and damage before transportation at sea. How to Vessel loading survey to safety and prevent loss and damage?. Vessel loading surveyed when importing/ in import/ loading from harbors ports of countries of suppliers/ sellers for vendors to unloading at ports of countries of buyers and/ or destination. Port of loading to destination. The cargo will be loaded into holds of vessels, ships at port of exported countries after vessel comes a long side berthing, to prevent loss and damage may be caused to loaded cargo. The most importantly, from all the procedures needed, one important process is important for the success of the process – and that is Vessel Loading Survey. The following is our steps of Vessel loading Survey: 2. Container Loading Survey: Container loading survey is called Container loading inspecting and supervising to certificate. How to import products to safety?. Container loading surveyed when importing/ in import from countries of suppliers/ sellers for vendors to countries of buyers and/ or destination. SEE MORE AT LINK: http://cargo-inspection.com/eg/s/164/0/loading-and-discharging-supervision-/-inspection.htm EMAIL: aimcontrol@hotmail.com
Cargo Tally / Quantity Tallying services at Agriculture - Industry - Marine Control Survey & Inspection Group (AIM Control) Worldwide
January 1990 - Present (30 years 1 month )
Cargo Tally / Quantity Tallying services Cargo Tally Quantity Tally of Cargo is conducted under the supervision of AIM Control provides tallying services in the best tallying of quantity for ship-owners, buyers, seller . . . Cargo Tally services of cargo and goods for delivery and/ or receipt. Cargo Tally to reckon quantity bag by bag, carton by carton, unit by unit during loading, unloading or delivery and receipt to transport in shipping line or by land. (as vessel, ship, container), Air-light, and from place to other place, the country to other countries. AIMControlGroup.com offers services of cargo tally, weight measurement to our customers to prevent to shortage of cargo quantity, damage/ loss. AIM Control cargo tally verification services provide assurance that the number or quantity of goods to be shipped or received is that described in shipping documents such as the bill of lading, letter of credit, mate’s receipt, or other documents. Our cargo tally inspections also confirm that material has been packed, marked and labeled accurately. The following is our cargo tally inspectors perform a number of activities, based on your needs: - Conduct cargo tallies during loading and unloading to assure all parties that the quantity specifications and features are as outlined in the documentation. - Check packing, marking and labeling. - Monitor product marking and packing details to confirm that the material is shipped in suitable packaging. - Confirm manufacture dates, batch numbers, expiry dates, shipping marks and packing lists, supplier certificates and labels. AIM Control cargo tally verification and other cargo and vessel services we offer globally throughout the supply chain. http://cargo-inspection.com/eg/s/57/0/tallying-services.htm EMAIL: AIMCONTROL@HOTMAIL.COM

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