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Bob Condon
The Higgins Class AOR is a reactivatoin via the US Navy Ship Tranfer program. In a very relative sense the Higgins is a young ship that has many years service left. US Naval vessels of all classes (except nuclear surface vessels and submarines) are offered up to friendly foreign nations for purchase, lease or grant. Clearly reactivating such a ship is many times more preferrable than scrapping it. Marad and the US Navy have learned that it is far more effective to transfer ships that are no longer suitable for US Navy or Marad service, than leaving them to rot at anchorage and become a environmental nightmare. Just the cost alone in monthly anchorage and security fees, and in some cases dehumidification systems maintenance run upward of $20k / month. Figure it out, over thirty years it just doesn't pay. "Sneaking" the Higgins out of the ghost fleet was not the objective of Marad, come on that's like moving an elephant into your bathroom. Obviously you missed it, whereas hundreds of others in the area didn't. You need to use Google more often, especially if you don't have a view of the bay.
10/26/2009 11:57:12 AM
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