Transafrica, a dedicated Indo-Africa freight corridor service launched

Apr 30, 2012, 3:47PM EST
Transafrica, a dedicated Indo-Africa freight corridor service launched
A dedicated freight corridor,TransAfrica, takes shape on the Indian African route

 In a major development for cargo movement between India and the African continent, the Indo-Africa freight corridor branded, TransAfrica service was launched in Mumbai last fortnight. Promoted jointly by Transocean Express Logistics Pvt Ltd., a leader in innovative freight forwarding and SCM services in India, and Omega Logistics (Africa) Ltd, a Group Staymain enterprise headquartered in Africa, TransAfrica is positioned as a dedicated freight pathway set to overshadow other cargo movements in the ever growing Indo-African trade lane.

Group Staymain enterprise holds a leadership position in African hinterland and reverse logistics to landlocked destinations in that continent. With a significant presence in most of East Africa, Group Staymain flaunts a widely acclaimed clientele, supported by several years of professional experience in serving conferences and tramp carriers, global freight forwarders, shippers, merchant consignees and UN military aid missions.

On the other hand Transocean Express Logistics Private Limited is a company promoted by Indian logistics professionals and industry related promoters engaged in international shipping and provide integrated logistics solutions in India. A logistics and supply chain management specialist, Transocean Express professes a mission to establish leadership position in cargo, international freight, and warehousing domain.

Promoted by Group Staymain, Omega Logistics (Africa) Ltd., specializes in a complete range of Import-Export services from shipping, customs clearance, port handling, transportation, projects, warehousing and redistribution. It commands a forefront position in almost all project and support logistics operations in east and central African regions due to its captive resources spread across strategic corridors of freight movement. Group Staymain is a Dubai based group specializing in creating markets for global demand and supply chains through its companies with the management style that has always been transparent and customer centric in Middle East and Africa.

TransAfrica is a unique concept. It brings together major exporters, importers and other trade conglomerates and offers a single window service at both ends providing pre-carriages, shipping and on-carriage services to the shippers and consignees involved in trading of the capital goods and other merchandise between the subcontinent and Africa.

With the launch this entity started operating from fully functional control offices in Mumbai, Dar es Salaam and Mombasa. The company offers services and cargo collection at branches spread across India and select African regions. As such it will serve all origin and destination ports and inland services supported by personnel with rich experience in handling cargo from originating point to port clearance, shipping & on - carriage to remote destinations in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Southern Sudan, Zambia, Malawi, Rwanda, Burundi and Southern and Northern parts of Congo. Their associates who have taken shape over the years will also serve select West African destinations under the same service.

Promoters are internationally known for their domestic and international expertise and experience in shipping having international and domestic credibility and a reputation spread for over 25 years. This event marked the beginning of a door-to-door service, distinguished at origin and destination due to its simplicity, price advantage and reliability.    

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