Mega initiative to bring maritime world to the people

Jan 22, 2014, 3:34PM EST
Maritime Association Program Society formed to create Awareness of the maritime role in the society

Shipping never seems to get its rightful share of recognition particularly the important role it plays in the preservation of mankind. Paraphrasing Winston Churchill’s words, one could say that “never before in the history of mankind have so many owed so much to so few”! Or to quote Efthimios Mitropoulos, former IMO Secretary-General, “Without international shipping, half the world would freeze and the other half would starve.”

Better to light a candle then curse the darkness! That is what some of the leading lights of the maritime industry and those who could be considered the enlightened ones have come together and do something drastic about the situation before the initiative is lost forever. They have formed the “Maritime Association Programme Society” (MAPS) primarily to create public awareness for the maritime industry as a whole and to make the public aware as to how this industry positively affects their lives.

The Inaugural event of MAPS is scheduled on February 22, 2014. According to its Chairman, Sabyasachi Hajara, the former CMD of the Shipping Corporation of India and the chief advisor of Doehle Danautic India, “While the maritime industry has a tremendous contribution to the international trade and world economy, unfortunately it has a very poor image and very little public awareness. It is hardly recognized that being carrier of 95% of international trade, it is shipping which propels the growth of the national economics and the global economy. The fact that shipping is the most environmental friendly mode of transport is also not recognized.”   

According to Capt Sanjay Maini, Country Head, Country Head – India of Marshall Islands Registry (IRI Mumbai) and Capt Sandeep Kalia, Executive Director of GOL Salvage Services, who have been playing a prominent role in the formation of the organization, MAPS is dead set in raising the profile of shipping as a vibrant industry, which, in keeping with its corporate social responsibilities, provides rewarding, stimulating and long-term career prospects. Through various activities and efforts they have decided on focusing not only on ensuring that politicians and the general public are better informed of shipping’s great value to the international community, but also on promoting, among the children and young people in schools and universities, a career at sea and emphasizing the variety of opportunities it offers in the short-, medium- and long-term.

A mega event has been planned for the launch which will be held in Pune, the Queen of the Deccan and the eight largest metropolises in India. Known as the MARITIME SUMMIT it will be held on February 22, 2014, at the Oxford Golf Course & Hyatt. Keeping with the main objective of this society is to create positive public awareness of the shipping industry the organizers have planned a membership drive. There will be a golf tournament, which has been chosen as a medium for the initial introduction of this program. A super publicity blitz has been planned in order to reach out to India’s millions for which MAPS has tied up with main line dailies, Radio and T.V. channels and other electronic media. The highlights of the mega event will be a gala dinner.   

A large number of corporate houses, banks, shipping companies and others have come forward to sponsor the event and other activities of MAPS. Many organizations like Indian Oil Corporation, National Thermal Power Corporation Limited (NTPC), Instone, ADANI, Petronet LNG, Indev logistics, International Nautical Institute, etc.  are supporting this event.

 It is expected that the efforts of MAPS will help the members of the fraternity to get out of their cocoon and reach out to the general public and highlight the unexplored areas of the maritime industry and how it affects the everyday lives of the common man.



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