Great Offshore being repositioned for faster growth

May 10, 2010, 3:57PM EST
A spate of acquisitions together with plans to groom its own skilled workforce Great Offshore Limited could well grow into a major player in the E & P arena

Acclaimed as India's foremost integrated offshore oilfield services provider offering a broad spectrum of services to upstream oil and gas producers to carry out offshore exploration and production (E&P) activities, Great Offshore is being repositioned to take on major global players. Backed by an array of 47 assets including rigs, OSVs, tugs, choppers and vessels, the company has expanded its sphere of operations from the unruly North Sea waters, to the Middle East, South Africa and South East Asia.
While commemorating the acquisition of its first vessel, Malaviya One - India’s first offshore support vessel (OSV) 27 years ago, in 1983, the company at its Annual Function last week spelt out its impressive strategy that is set to take the company forward on its vibrant course.
On one hand it is the acquisition of 5 vessels in the recent past and two new buildings including a 350 ft jack up rig and an MSV scheduled to join the fleet in due course that is expected to stimulate growth tremendously. The recent acquisitions include the country’s first floating dry dock that will lower the time and cost of dry docking and the purchase of a second hand rig which will fuel unprecedented growth.
On the other hand Great Offshore has a strategic diversification programme underway. Weighed down by the sever shortage of manpower in the offshore sector the company took the decisive step to generate its own skilled personnel by setting up a training academy at Dhabol, near Ratnagiri on the West coast of India. The institute the first of its kind in India dedicated solely for training cadets for offshore operations will greatly assist in meeting the requirements of trained personnel for Exploration and Production in the offshore sector.
Safety being synonymous with Great Offshore the company has added new dimension to the training effort as part of its commitment to bring in excellence in the field. It has added a ship handling simulator which works wonders for candidates using them, as every conceivable situation faced by ships sailing in different weather conditions prevailing all over the world can be simulated.
These giant strides have been responsible in placing Great Offshore well on its way into a faster growth trajectory. Headed by Soli Engineer, the organisation in recent years took several measures to effectively overcome several hurdles to retain its foremost position in the country’s Exploration and Production field.
Giving details about the training plans Cmde Ajay H. Chitnis SC, NM, IN (Retd) Head, In-House Training stated, “We are setting up the offshore Training Academy on a 100 acre plot which is the first in the country. It will truly help in developing cadets for the offshore field with training in all three aspects of the offshore activity including drilling, installation and exploration. Hence the academy will go a long way in helping to fill up the huge gap in demand and supply of skilled manpower for the offshore sector that exists today. While training for skilled enhancement we will able to produce both engine ratings and deck ratings.”     
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