Asia’s first facility for training in Electrically Driven Deep well Pumps

Jun 28, 2012, 1:55AM EST
Anglo Eastern Maritime Training Center along with Marflex BV is first in Asia to introduce Training Course in Electrically Driven Deep well Pumps

Persistent to forge ahead and retain its pioneering role in maritime training, Anglo Eastern Maritime Training Center (AEMTC) joined hands with Marflex BV to launch Asia’s first Training Course in Electrically Driven Deep well Pumps in Mumbai. It has set up a facility for this purpose at its Center which is the first in Asia and third in the world. This comes after the one Marflex set up at Rotterdam next to the Marflex Factory and the second at Vladivostok in Russia.

“AEMTC Mumbai, the training provider of the Global group of Anglo Eastern Ship Management and Marflex BV Netherlands, the leading manufacturers of submersible pumps, entered into a mutual cooperation to create a synergy by exploiting on their experiences and providing professional training in electrical driven cargo and ballast pump handling systems,” informed Francis Akkara, Deputy General Manager & Vice Principal – Head of Department of Engineering Studies. “The objective is to provide hands-on and theoretical training not only to those in India but all of Asia. The holistic concept is to reach out to all strategic areas and provide opportunities to seafarers for undertaking training sessions most suited to their needs. It took nearly 10 months to evolve and develop the idea and transform it into reality. The first training course in this sub-continent commenced on 25th June 2012. This first course is being conducted exclusively for personnel of Valles Steamship (Canada) Ltd.”

Erik de Munck, Manager Training, Marflex BV, Netherlands who was present at the commissioning of the facility stated that Marflex has many years of experience and highly skilled employees. “Our objective is to ensure that ship owners get reliable pumps,” he said. “The marine engineers will have to ensure that these pumps serve efficiently throughout the lifetime of the ship by operating them, the way they should. The reason for Marflex selecting AEMTC as their training partner in Asia was purely on the basis of their credentials and reputation in maritime training.” 

He announced that the training rig built with the cooperation of Marflex at AEMTC is the state-of-the-art equipment. In other words, this training facility is specially designed for high value training for operations, understanding the system, its working principles and most importantly, the speed control with converter system and trouble-shooting employing           simulated faults which is unique.

The training rig has a ballast pump, one real size deep well pump fitted in the cargo tank, capable of operating as a cargo pump, four other working models of cargo pumps. The system also integrates a local operating system, cargo control room console, remote control system for operating cargo pumps and has all possible safety interlocks which are required during the cargo operation as per the classification society rules. There are approximately, 22 pre inducted faults both electrical and mechanical related. The local unit employs a Siemens Frequency converter system. The cargo control room has a touch screen unit to operate the cargo pumps. This training unit is capable of running pumps in variable rpm both remotely and locally with actual pumping in a tank, similar to a shipboard application. The entire pumping system involves various safety shut downs processes like low inert gas pressure, too low inert gas pressure, high back pressure shut down etc., to name a few.

The two-day course comprises a complete mix of theory and practical sessions. The aspect of the training found interesting by the participants at the first course included the theory on mechanical part, operational aspects, electrical controls, managing abnormal operating conditions and dis-assembly and assembly of pumps. The icing of the cake was, fault finding and trouble-shooting sessions with pre-programmed faults introduced by the instructor. Mr. Akkara confirmed that this special course would be conducted once a month in future and it will be an open course for all ship-owners / ship managers.


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